Brooklyn-based noise-popsters Sleigh Bells are back in the studio. Even though they’ve spent most of the year playing festivals, touring in support of their most recent album Reign of Terror, and opening for the Chili Peppers, they’re still guaranteeing a new album for 2013. Via Antiquiet:

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, vocalist Alexis Krause said “Success never paralyzes us… It pushes us forward constantly. We’re half-way through the new record.” In addition, guitarist Derek Miller said, “We’ll have three full-length albums in three years,” said Miller. Pretty prolific, huh?”

OK, that’s a pretty good work rate, but “prolific?” Talk to me when you’re in Sly and Robbie territory. (They’re rumored to have averaged a little over 12 songs a day over the course of their career, but reggae musicians are known to exaggerate.)

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