Exlaim: Say Hello to Smashing Pumpkins’ New Drummer?

According Smashing Pumpkins fan blog Hipsters United, the great bald one has settled on a young man by the name of Mike Byrne. And young is the operative word here, given that the Oregon-based skins man is 19 years old and would have been only a year old when Smashing Pumpkins debut effort Gish was released.

As Hipsters United points out, his MySpace account lists him as “off for another couple of weeks at pumpkin camp.” Also, Corgan blogged on Friday that he believes he has found his “drummer of the future,” adding that “all indications are really good that he’s the man for the job” but that he wanted to “work with him some more before it becomes official.” And the real kicker here is that Portland musician Ben Spees (who’s helping record the latest album by Byrne’s band Moses, Smell the Roses) recently tweeted, “billy corgan posted about mike in his blog. drummer of the future.” And tweets never lie, right?

Hipsters United: 19-year-old Mike Byrne in position to succeed Chamberlin as band’s drummer

Should he come through this fortnight still in Corgan’s good graces, Byrne would make the Pumpkins’ presumed touring lineup even younger, joining 35-year-old guitarist Jeff Schroeder and 29-year-old bass-slinging Ginger Pooley behind Corgan, 42.

Promark: Not Yet Famous Drummer

Are you currently playing in a band? Yes
What drummer do you look towards for inspiration? Jimmy Chamberlin
What is your favorite drum solo? Rodney Holmes at Modern Drummer 06’

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