Coachella might seem like an open-air drug market for sorority girls, but be warned: blatant violators of the drug policy get thrown in the slammer with all the other weirdos. Via LA Weekly:

He shared a cell with a large man laying on the floor and a German kid arrested at the festival for selling ecstasy.

Derek says the large man finally woke around 2 a.m. He proceeded to tell his fellow prisoners his story: Just before he was arrested (he didn’t specify why) he stuck a ball of meth up his ass so the cops wouldn’t find it.

After being thrown in the cell — fortunately, there was no cavity search — he didn’t know what to do with the meth. So, he just snorted the whole thing. Oddly, it only seemed to make him tired.

Honestly, how fucked up do you have to be for meth to have a sedating effect? Probably even worse than staying in the 'chella big house is that your friends have to come and bail you out, and they’re probably really high.

Finally, at about two in the morning, Derek’s buddy arrived at the Indio jail (“rolling balls,” says Derek) and signed the paperwork assuming legal responsible if Derek didn’t show up to his court date. Around 4 am, he was free to go.

But let’s remember, it’s all a matter of blending in. Just don’t stand out and you’ll probably fine, unlike this guy.

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