Another legendary record store will soon be closing its doors forever. This time it’s the 65-years-young Spec’s Records in Coral Gables, Florida, a store that grew from a single shop to over 80 stores across Florida and Puerto Rico. Read the obit in full over at the New York Times:

... when news spread that Spec’s Records and Tapes would close this month after 65 years, a collective sense of melancholy settled over this city of graceful banyan trees and Mediterranean-style homes in Miami-Dade County. After all these years — and despite a long-ago change in ownership — the record store looks frozen in time: the same 1980s red-letter sign and awning hangs out front; the white-and-tan facade has been immune to the decades; even the carpet retains a Me Decade hue.

The old building will be leveled, and Chase Bank, with more than 280 branches in the state, will occupy a new structure this year.

“Just what we need,” Mr. Hollander said. “Another bank.”


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