Looks like those kind-of-annoying links that open the Spotify app on your computer will now just, y’know, go to a web page. Lovely! Full story at TechCrunch:

If you’re wondering why the Spotify desktop software has hardly been updated in a year, it’s because the company is preparing to launch a completely overhauled browser-based version of its streaming music service, multiple sources confirm.

It’s unclear if the browser version will replace its downloadable desktop software or just augment it but either way, it will make Spotify much more accessible. Users will be able to access a massive catalogue of music plus their playlists from any computer they log in to. Removing the download from the onboarding process could also help it sign up more users. One challenge will be making sure it the web version feels just as snappy.

And this nugget, from Billboard.biz:

Spotify is the only subscription service in the U.S. that requires its users to download and install an application on a personal computer. Rhapsody and Rdio have desktop applications – PC-only for Rhapsody – as well as browser-based versions. Mog has a desktop application for Apple only. Muve Music works only on Cricket Wireless phones and does not involve personal computers.

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