CMJ isn’t just all parties and late night shows. There’s a lot of serious discussion that goes on, too. Via Billboard.Biz:

CMJ 2012 began Tuesday morning with a looking at the hornets’ next that is often today’s music media. SVP for MTV News Benjamin Wagner moderated a panel titled “Music Journalism Exploded, featuring panelists Maura Johnston (recently departed music editor at the Village Voice), Jessica Robertson (director of content at MTV Hive), Caryn Ganz (editor-in-chief Spin.com), and Bill Werde (Billboard’s Editorial Director).

The discussion covered a spider web of topics from the current hall-of-mirrors state of “the music press,” social media and career opportunities for fledgling writers to the balancing act of generating traffic while having deeper analysis and the overarching editorial goal to make a publication succeed – or fail – at a time of great uncertainty in the industry. 

Addressing the seemingly endless well of sites practicing what the panelists referred to as “re-reportage,” angling to be the first on a developing story, and the often inaccurate stories that result, Ganz described a typical visit to her RSS reader. “I see the same headline 30 times, and everyone is getting it wrong.” 

Werde described his editorial mission in light of that fact: “There’s a ton of sites out there who don’t mind getting it wrong. Many brands would rather be first. At Billboard we get it right.” 

The first day of CMJ panels also had talks on project development and the links between advertising and the music industry.

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