Musician/actor Steve Earle – best known for his work on Treme, The Wire and “Copperhead Road” – is getting ready to release a new album, called The Low Highway, and has just signed a new book deal. Via Exclaim:

The album was co-produced by Earle himself along with Ray Kennedy (Emmylou Harris, John Mellancamp, Willie Nelson). It features Earle’s live band, consisting of Chris Masterson, Eleanor Whitmore, Kelley Looney, Will Rigby and Allison Moorer.

A press release calls The Low Highway a “road record.” Earle wrote in the liner notes, “I’ve been on every interstate highway in the lower forty-eight states by now and I never get tired of the view. I’ve seen a pretty good chunk of the world and my well-worn passport is one of my most prized possessions, but for me, there’s still nothing like the first night of a North American tour; everybody, band and crew, crowded up in the front lounge, eating Nashville hot chicken and Betty Herbert’s homemade pimento cheese, swapping the same tired old war stories half shouted over the rattle and hum of the highway. And I’m always the last one to holler good night to Charlie Quick, the driver, and climb in my bunk because to me it feels like Christmas Eve long ago when I still believed in Santa Claus. God I love this.”

Three of the songs on the record were originally written for Treme.

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