Let’s start off by saying that we don’t really like stoners. It’s not that we have a problem with smoking weed – far from it, in fact – we just don’t get why you’d turn it into a lifestyle. We’re also not huge on parody songs. If you’re not Weird Al, you probably shouldn’t bother.

All that said, we were kind of surprised when we found ourselves laughing at this weed-based parody of Macklelmore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” by comedian/marijuana activist/former Miami Beach mayoral candidate Steve Berke. It’s not so much that the pot jokes are funny, it’s more that they managed to copy the tone of both the song and the video so well. Via Bro Bible:

Here’s a brilliant stoner spoof of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop by comedian Steve Berke. Just as the title suggests, it’s all about blazin and smokin. Hey, is that Sexy Sax Man and Towelie? Aw, hell yeah.

Time for a frozen burrito.

Also, Macklemore himself makes a cameo at the end, so that’s a pretty strong endorsement right there.

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