Gotta love that Jean Michel Jarre is killin’ ‘em all: Songkick:

Ever wondered what the biggest concert in history was? Well look no further, here’s a look at some of the record-breaking crowds that artists have played for. But how big is too big…

Jean Michel Jarre, 1997 – 3.5 million
The king of big gigs is undoubtedly Jean Michel Jarre, performing a grand total of four concerts with an audience of over a million people each. Back in 1979 he set the world record for the biggest gig ever – his performance in Paris attracted a million fans. He then went on to break his own record twice. 1.5 million watched him in Houston in 1986, 2.5 million in Paris in 1990, and an astonishing 3.5 million in Moscow in 1997, equalising Rod Stewart’s world record. No concert since has matched up to that scale, but who knows what’s to come in the future?

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