For those of you aint knowin, Disco is back and her name is Rhonda. via Bullett

The first night we fully took over Los Globos with A Club Called Rhonda, the guest DJ was Dimitri from Paris and it was so packed and sweaty and steamy and drunk that people reported back that it seemed like a gay bathhouse in the main room. Everybody I know and tons I don’t know danced until their feet hurt, and then danced some more; that was an amazing vibe; Juan Maclean ordered a pizza delivery to the DJ booth and ate it while spinning in front of a giant portrait of himself hung behind him that had lit-up red eyes; When Nicky Siano (famed DJ from Paradise Garage, Gallery, and Studio 54) DJed his last-ever West Coast set soaked in sweat; Having Azari & III performing live at our first Coachella adjacent party in Palm Springs; Cedric and Fritz were dancing and singing up and down the stairs at the Ace Hotel with the mountains and palm trees behind them and a sea of wet kids beneath them; When we had our Donna Summer tribute moment at Rhondavous two days after her death, with a confetti drop around the disco ball and I was holding a big, blown-up poster of Donna at the front of the stage for everybody to see. Remembering that moment still gives me chills. A friend of ours recorded it on his phone.

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