If you don’t know the brother-duo of inc., don’t feel bad. They’re just the kind of futuristically-refined R&B that fans try to protect before they become too big. However, their moment of inevitable immense popularity is fast-approaching. Now, you can stream their entire album before it drops on the 19th of February. The cool kids are already preparing their backlash statements, but it’s proving to be harder than originally expected. Just listen and see if you can come up with anything. Via The Fader:

California-based Andrew and Daniel Aged, the two brothers who make up inc., have a history as session musicians playing with the likes of Pharrell and Raphael Saadiq, and their music takes those artists’ basic need for rhythm and turns it sideways. no world is fundamentally beautiful, certainly hummable, but also supernatural, less interested in worming its way into your heart than taking over your body.

Peep it.

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