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According to its MySpace page, the band was signed to the national socialist-aligned record label Label 56 (who, as an aside, have an upcoming event with Vans).

The Atlantic Wire reports:

The Southern Poverty Law Center has, what they think is, a picture of Page (right) from his band’s MySpace page (yes that’s probably a swastika in the background). SPLC says that Page was a frontman of a white-supremacist band called End Apathy. On the End Apathy MySpace page (yes MySpace), he’s identified as “Wade” and there’s a slideshow with multiple pictures of him. There are also more details coming from Page’s time in the army, as The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports he was assigned to psychological operations/PsyOps.

Slate takes a closer look at the music:

“I went to the Hammerfest 2000 in Georgia.” That was a “hate rock” festival, put on by the Hammerskin organization for a number of years.

The Los Angeles Times brings word that the shooting will be classified as terrorism, owing to the suspect’s tattoos and ties to hate groups:

Tattoos on the body of the slain Sikh temple gunman and certain biographical details led the FBI to treat the attack at a Milwaukee-area temple as an act of domestic terrorism, officials said Sunday.

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