If streaming services are precipitating a shift in the way the music industry does business, which services will end up being the guiding light? Via Rolling Stone:

For more than a decade, people in the record industry have been trying to shift music fans from stealing music to paying, say, $10 a month to listen to any song on demand. Until recently, that seemed like an absurd dream. Then came services like Pandora, Spotify and Rdio, making it far easier to stream music through a legal app than to download it for free online. But streaming services still have a ways to go before they truly own the music market. “How do you make it, in everybody’s life, so it goes from being dessert to being like water that you have to drink every day?” asks Jerry Johnson, general manager of Microsoft’s Xbox Music, which unveiled its own $10-a-month streaming service this month. “That’s where the industry is heading. It seems like the wave is just about to turn.”

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