Via In The Mix:

9:30pm – Pauly D saunters on stage. My faithful companion notes his headphones and laptop are encrusted with sequins that form an Italian flag. As a reality star who’s segued his career onto the decks, it’s no surprise that Pauly has critics who question both his talent and motive. Rather than prove them wrong by immediately getting down to business, Pauly begins his set by dropping catch-phrases from Jersey Shore.

9:35pm – Pauly gets on the microphone to remind us he is “in the mix”. A bold statement, given what he’s doing can less be described as “mixing” and more as fading between barely-beatmatched tracks for two bars. He then commands his followers, in some kind of grunt-led dialect, to “put your hands up!” They oblige.

9:37pm – Pauly attempts to scratch for the first (of many) times. Someplace, somewhere, DJ Shadow shudders and doesn’t know why.

9:38pm – Pauly drops a track that the support DJs just before him finished with. I do not profess to know its name, my knowledge of commercial ‘EDM’ admittedly (and proudly) limited. His status as some kind of idol for the frontally lobotomised is confirmed: the crowd explodes.

9:45pm – As the set carries on, Pauly raises what looks like a deformed limb (possibly an arm) and thrusts it upwards into the sky. He calls this a “fist pump” and demands the crowd perform it with him (they, of course, do). Its purpose is lost on me, but if I had to speculate, I would say it is some kind of movement designed to appeal to those who were not born with the ability to dance with their hips and legs.

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