The beautifully sculpted internet meme known as Technoviking is a real person and he’s apparently really pissed about being filmed. He’s claiming that the dude who filmed him has profited from the video and his likeness and he’s aiming to have it scrubbed completely. To be fair, Artist Matthias Fritsch has made a career out of this golden footage, exploring the meme as an artform and touring, giving lectures about web culture featuring Technoviking prominently. After 4 million views, Fritsch began receiving money from YouTube, which is when the trouble all started. Via The Daily Dot:

In 2009, the star of the video, whose real identity is still a mystery, hit Fritsch with a legal notice asking him to stop using the video and all derivations of it. Fritsch immediately stopped accepting money from YouTube.

Removing the original video didn’t alleviate Fritsch’s legal woes.

I am being accused for creation and publication of images connected to the Technoviking, therefore infringement of personality rights. They also say I am earning a lot of money by that. They argue that [I] gave him the name Technoviking, create 3D characters, comics and more to constantly increase the popularity in order to market Technoviking and therefore cause damage to the protagonist.

Sounds a little crazy, but then again, Technoviking doesn’t seem like the most chill dude if you can recall.

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