Via New York Times:

The video footage is punctuated by interminable computer simulations of urban and island topographies and quotations from writers ranging from Goethe to Adorno about art, economics and, thanks to the postcolonial theorist Gayatri Spivak, the “abyss of deconstruction.” High-minded, confusing and boring, the whole thing is an overearnest assemblage simultaneously bloated and thin.

The music is simplistic; the beats are bland; the emotional landscape is vaguely, well, elegiac. Its numbing style is shared by artists like the composer Mason Bates and the violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain. They, like Mr. Miller, specialize in acoustic-electronic combinations and receive an outsize amount of attention and prestigious commissions because of their presumed — and in my experience, unproven — ability to draw young, diverse audiences to traditionally staid musical settings like the Met.

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