Todd Edwards – otherwise known as “Todd the God” – is a house music legend credited with spawning the U.K. garage scene with his cut-up vocal technique. He also happens to be someone that Daft Punk will call upon to give their tracks a little oompf. He wrote and sang on “Face to Face” from their 2001 album Discovery and makes an appearance taking over the same duties for “Fragments of Time” on Random Access Memories. Edwards spoke to The New York Times to discuss moving to LA, expectations surrounding RAM, and getting brownie points for being associated with everyone’s favorite robots.

The collaborator video you did with Daft Punk has more than 700,000 views on YouTube. I imagine you have a lot of new fans now.

Daft Punk is known on a global scale. Even if people don’t know who I am, I can always drop the Daft Punk thing. I don’t like to name-drop, but if you don’t know who I am, I can always say I’m best known for working with Daft Punk. Working with them is like having a good job on your résumé, or a good review. I joke that working with Daft Punk is like having a really hot girlfriend. Like, “Wow, he must be important if she’s with him!”

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