They’ll be doing the Carlton shuffle in no time… oh, and “second decade.” As the Miami Herald reports:

Harry Potter books are passé among the prisoners. The adventures of the boy wizard have been supplanted by early episodes of Will Smith’s 1990s TV comedy, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as a popular way to pass time among the 168 captives now in their second decade of U.S. detention.

“They’re over that; it’s been more than a year,” the librarian said in an interview Tuesday.

And, for a little perspective, selections from the Gitmo Wikipedia page:

Since January 2002, 779 men have been seized and brought to Guantanamo. Eight men died in the prison camp and 600 have been released. Most of them have been released without charge or transferred to facilities in their home countries.

Three have been convicted by military court of various charges.

Three British Muslim prisoners, now known in the media as the “Tipton Three”, were released in 2004 without charge. The three have alleged ongoing torture, sexual degradation, forced drugging and religious persecution being committed by U.S. forces at Guantánamo Bay. Former Guantanamo detainee Mehdi Ghezali was freed without charge on July 9, 2004, after two and a half years internment. Ghezali has claimed that he was the victim of repeated torture. Omar Deghayes alleges he was blinded by pepper spray during his detention. Juma Al Dossary claims he was interrogated hundreds of times, beaten, tortured with broken glass, barbed wire, burning cigarettes, and sexual assaults. David Hicks also made allegations of torture and mistreatment in Guantánamo Bay, including stress positions, extreme temperatures, sleep deprivation and medical experimentation.

By May 2011 there had been at least six suicides in Guantánamo that are public knowledge.

Spc. Sean Baker, a soldier posing as a prisoner during training exercises at the camp, was beaten so severely that he suffered a brain injury and seizures.

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