Ghostly International began a series on their influences (of course they did!) today, and the label has kicked it off with a good one: an interview with Touch Founder Jon Wozencroft.

In it, he explains the Touch philosophy, the problem with record labels, and his work as a photographer

We make this point about not being a record label because we want our audience (and our artists) to move with the changing nature of music and its distribution, and highlight the new terrain of music and its status as a forcefield rather than the dead zone it has become in many respects.

A record company is basically a delivery system based on an outdated model of production and distribution. The aim was to deliver product into shops and to market said product to highly-controlled media platforms—TV, radio, concert hall etc. All of this has changed beyond recognition, but most labels still behave as if the ultimate goal is to get the new LP at the front of the racks, onto the public broadcasting channels, and the band on tour.

You can’t act like a record label. Actually, more people bang on about the demise of record shops than they do notice the massive change in the record label culture. The artist is now the label. This is what we are trying to move forward.

I have various strategies I use to reconcile the digital process of originating work. I’m as inspired by some fine art photography I see as I am by a tumblr site. Everything is chaotic. It takes a certain eye and a certain stance to pick the wheat from the chaff.

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