With the success of Sleigh Bells, Japandroids, Beach House, et al., The Guardian wonders aloud whether this is the “hawt thing” in rock and roll right now:

When the White Stripes conquered Britain in 2001, in a campaign that took all of a week, the novelty of seeing a two-piece band was countered by scepticism from the chin-strokers. “No bass player?” they mused. “How will that work if they play longer sets and bigger stages?” Countless headline festival slots answered that question, but Jack and his “little sister” Meg were still considered unique; the Musicians Union wouldn’t have foreseen what happened next. While the myth of four guys who shook the world has served us well from the Beatles to the Roses, in 2012, two-piece bands are now the industry-standard shape of cool rock.

We’d stop well short of calling it a trend. Here’s three examples far removed from our current moment that you may or may not have forgotten…

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