Twitterer Allison and KarlaCuhkz have uploaded pictures of Tyler (the Creator) in some interaction with the LAPD:

Which looks like this from Tyler’s perspective:

This website says the situation was over some skateboarding. Which, all together, makes this gem from the Village Voice’s justifiably ambivalent review of Goblin even more salient:

But at the same time, fuck that, you know? Because the repugnant misogynistic bullshit on Goblin sort of cancels any goodwill I have toward the guy. Particularly because it feels more like search engine optimization; Tyler makes no bones about his desire to hit the pop charts, and on too much of Goblin, he’s doing it in the tawdriest way possible…

New York Magazine’s Nitsuh Abebe goes long on Goblin:

Tyler turned 20 a few months ago, but on this record he is utterly and totally a teenage boy. A resentful, surly teenage boy. The kind of frustrated teenage boy who’s noticed that he’s more clever than a lot of the people around him and imagines that might be true of the world in general. The kind of teenage boy who decides life has failed to live up to his standards as a thinker. The kind of teenage boy who mostly wants to spend time goofing around with his extremely homosocial peer group, amusing one another with giggly transgressions and the insular mentality of surly teenage boys nationwide…

The Fader breaks down Goblin through various integer-based metrics (visit The Fader to see the whole graphic):

He signed his first record today! Via Tyler:

But for all the hubbub, he’s got quite a climb to the top of Named Tyler Mountain:

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