TorrentFreak reports that Stroz Friedberg, an “independent technology expert” who served as an advisor to the Center for Copyright Information – the organization responsible for the upcoming six strikes anti-piracy plan – was a former lobbyist for the RIAA. Which, naturally, they failed to disclose. The information may result in a re-evaluation of the new rules.

Starting next month the MPAA, RIAA and five major Internet providers in the United States will start punishing persistent BitTorrent pirates,

The scheme is being coordinated by the Center for Copyright Information (CCI) who agreed to hire an impartial and independent expert to review the evidence that will be used to accuse suspected subscribers.

However, earlier this week the news broke that the touted independent technology expert, Stroz Friedberg, is not so neutral. In fact, the company is a former RIAA lobbying firm.


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