Let’s change the channel. If lousy music is fueled only by our social-media chatter, the sooner we stop paying attention to bands like this, the sooner the art is forced to change shape — or simply evaporate into history.

—We’re inclined to agree with the Washington Post’s Chris Richards, especially after their abysmal appearance on Saturday Night Live, which NPR took a look at today (find that below). Let’s not forget, we have Sasha Frere-Jones to blame for all of this. (Fun fact: did you know the other guitarist that appeared on SNL was in Poison The Well, too?)

From NPR, a look at what we expect from Saturday Night Live‘s musical curation:

From where I couch surf, we are asking Saturday Night Live to be something it rarely can be anymore — and ignoring what now makes it so unique.

And the “Wayfarer thing,” explained

I used to get a lot of shit for the glasses thing. I started wearing them habitually because I’d be hungover for a photo shoot or something, and it’s nobody’s business other than mine what happened the night before. I don’t wear them indoors or anything. But definitely for press photos.

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