Via Shields Gazette:

LOOK out Little Mix and watch out One Direction – four South Tyneside pensioners have got designs on a Top 40 hit!

The residents at Anchor Housing’s Hadrian Lodge complex for older people in South Shields only formed their band last July.

But later this week they will record their part on a charity song – and have very high hopes for it.

Everel Bramley, 69, Olive Symington, 83, and Del Thorburn, 74, are to be recorded by students from Newcastle College at the John Marley Centre in Whickham on Friday.

A fourth band member, Lorna Robertson, 84, is in hospital and not expected to attend the recording session for the record – the title of which is being kept a secret.

The band’s segment will then be added to contributions from other older musicians across the country, under the banner of the Anchor Community Band, and mixed by a producer in London for release this summer.

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