Haitian-born Hip hop artist, Wyclef Jean, received a lot of flack when people questioned how his sophomoric charity, Yéle, would be able to handle the influx of donations following Haiti’s devastating earthquake. Those criticisms will no doubt continue after Yéle shut down operations last month, leaving behind little improvement and a lot of debt. Via The New York Times:

On the ground in Haiti, little lasting trace of Yéle’s presence can be discerned. The walled country estate leased for its headquarters, on which the charity lavished $600,000, is deserted. Yéle’s street cleaning crews have been disbanded. The Yéle-branded tents and tarps have mostly disintegrated; one camp leader said they had not seen Yéle, which is based in New York, since Mr. Jean was disqualified as a presidential candidate because he lives in Saddle River, N.J., not Haiti.

You can brush up on the earlier controversy in the clip below.

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