Valient Himself announced today that Valient Thorr will be postponing all activities April 15th through June 10th to allow him to donate a kidney to his ailing father. Valient’s decision to take public what is a private family event stems from the National Kidney Foundation’s public outreach. As Valient Thorr is on a single-minded mission to spread their message of redemption wrapped in rock n’ roll, this is another chance to illuminate a critically important issue that people don’t think about unless they are personally touched. Says Valient, “If I can go from a hospital bed to playing in front of a crowd of 75,000 at the UK’s Download Festival in just eight weeks, people out there might consider becoming organ donors as well. If they have family members who need a kidney, it’s definitely something to think about; and if not, they can still learn about designating themselves as organ donors on their driver’s license.” More information on kidney donations can be found at www.kidney.org or www.livingdonors.org.

Says Catherine Paykin, Transplant Services Program Director, National Kidney Foundation, “We are delighted that Valient Himself has decided to take his donation story public. We hope that it serves to shed light on the lifesaving power of organ donation and encourages others to get involved. We wish him and his father a speedy recovery.”

Prior to Valient Himself’s scheduled surgery on April 29th, the band will play a private show at the Volcom skate park on April 8th to air May 29th on Fuel TV’s Check 1, 2. They will resume their European tour on June 13th and return to the U.S. for a nationwide tour beginning in July. Information on specific dates will be posted as available on ValientThorr.com.

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