Huffington Post:

It’s safe to assume that most Velvet Underground fans never imagined that “All Tomorrow’s Parties” would end up referring to Tea Party rallies in Georgia.

The legendary band’s followers and admirers are buzzing about reports that drummer Maureen “Moe” Tucker showed up at a Tea Party rally earlier this year and expressed her anger that the government is leading the country to socialism.

A woman identified as Maureen Tucker was interviewed by news station WALB-TV at a rally in Tifton, Georgia last April, expressing her fury…

Los Angeles Times:

I got deluged with e-mails this morning from old music biz pals who are (pick one) outraged, depressed or scandalized by the news that Velvet Underground drummer Maureen (Moe) Tucker, an undeniable icon of cool in the 1960s, is now a “tea party” zealot. According to the Huffington Post, whose story is basically a rewrite of a piece from England’s Guardian newspaper, a woman identified as Tucker was interviewed on TV earlier this year, complaining that Barack Obama is leading the country toward socialism. (When the Huffington Post reached Tucker at her home in Georgia, she confirmed her identity but wouldn’t discuss her political views.)

Of course, in the ‘60s, pretty much every rock musician was in favor of socialism, not just because he or she was a share-the-wealth style outsider and idealist, but because he figured that at least under socialism he’d get paid some money (under music industry capitalism, virtually all of the moolah went straight into the record company coffers). Still, it comes as a shock to imagine that someone like Tucker, whose band was the epitome of counterculture cool, could now reemerge as an angry protester being quoted as referring to the president as “King Obama,” adding that “I have come to believe (not just wonder) that Obama’s plan is to destroy American from within.”

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