It started simply enough: the premiere of the new Beyoncé video for the song “Run The World (Girls)” (as produced by Diplo and Switch, AKA Major Lazer) on “American Idol.” But if the Twitter response to the clip is any indication (and it generally is), it’s all but a wrap: While consensus on the video range from middling to positive, the overwhelming hate for the tune (even from some of Bey’s most ardent Stans) was enough to make it clear that the streets are not feeling it at all:


Beyonce fucked up on her new song.


That new Beyonce song is not good, do people think its good?


@Beyonce’s new song sucks mad ass.


#myfavoriteartist is BEYONCE but im not really feelin her new song Run the World (girls) but im sososoooo excited for her new album 6.28.11

Back in the ‘burbs, fans seemed shocked that the beat was somewhat familiar:


@reeleeh Just heard beyonce’s new song…it samples your Major Lazer ringtone..you need to listen to it!

The criticism got so hot that Diplo himself hastily fired off this angry response:


F all u kids h8ing on “run the world” cause @majorlazer was so kool and so indy and so yours before. Well eff u…

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