When Skrillex, Diplo, and A-Trak announced that they would be starting a Youtube channel called POTATO with IconicTV, the masses were excited to see what they could cook up. Well, they’ve released their first piece of content, a history of Detroit techno. Although it might be nice for the throngs of fans that have absolutely no idea about the origins of electronic music, for everyone else it’s borderline painful.

For one, it starts out with a rambling explanation from Skrillex about how Detroit is so important. It seems as if he’s pretty intent on not sounding pretentious because it doesn’t seem like he even knows what happened in Detroit. It may have been the birthplace of electronic music, techno, or electronic dance music. Let’s not get bogged down with distinctions.

The jerky cuts to fluffy-footed candy ravers doesn’t help either. However, the interview with Kevin Saunderson is a little speckle of gold in the muddy water, but somehow talking about subcultures on the periphery feels a little strange when it’s produced by representatives of the other extreme. At a hefty eight minutes, there’s a lot of holes. While there are obvious good intentions, POTATO should focus on something closer to home if it’s going to reach a wider audience. Via Spin:

Before its launch, a press release for the channel promised, “You’ll never look at music the same way again” (a phrase you oldsters might remember as MTV’s original slogan). And maybe that’s true, at least if you look at music’s subcultural history as anything more than a set of platitudes, rehashed clich├ęs, missed opportunities (that Saunderson interview could have been great!), and unrelated phenomena. But hey: You say “potato,” I say “leveraging youth culture for optimized brand synergy.”

Just go here. You’re welcome.

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