The Toronto Raptors’ announce team may know basketball, and they certainly know suffering, but apparently they don’t know much about hip hop. Last night, during the Raptors-Wizards game, announcers Matt Devlin and Leo Rautins identified Wale as “well known local rapper” after Wale heckled Raps small forward Rudy Gay. They then claimed that they didn’t know who he was, but he’s sure “not Drake, that’s for sure.”

The digs continued until Wale left his courtside seat and sought out Devlin and Rautins. What happens from there is up for debate. Via Ball Don’t Lie:

“I was just introducing myself, that’s all,” Wale told me of his uninvited visit to the booth. “Nah, I wasn’t angry. I was like, you’re not from here, you don’t know. You don’t know.”

The tape, and the fans sitting in the suite behind the booth, tell a different story. As you can see [...] Wale didn’t seem too happy. The fans in the suite with front row seats to the incident (who did not want their names on record) told me that Wale was yelling “I heard what you said. That’s not cool.”

I caught up with Devlin after the game, and he said any “yelling” was a product of the loud arena, and that any beef was Twitter’s fault.

“You know what, we were making fun of ourselves. Making fun, because we’re not hip,” he told me. “Obviously people on Twitter and social media, it kind of took on a life of its own. So he came up, we started talking and there was nothing to it.”

It’s OK. We’re pretty sure they called Michael Bloomberg a “local politician” during a Knicks game, before adding that he’s certainly no Rob Ford.

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