A website proprietor and Leonard Cohen megafan known only to us as “Heck of a Guy” has compiled a video playlist of Cohen’s best performances from his shows over the past year. He explains:

The list below comprises the best available video of each of the songs thus far performed in concert during the 2012 Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour.

“Best” is a subjective judgement that takes into account both the quality of the performance and the video itself. That judgement is also influenced by special factors. The calculations, for example, that resulted in the choice of a Dublin performance of “So Long, Marianne” factored in not only the traditional singalong skills of the audience but also my wish to avoid the messages conveying disapproval and threats of violence that would inevitably follow were I to choose a video of Leonard Cohen singing that song anywhere other than Ireland.

The list currently has 48 songs in it, and we suggest you start at the top.

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