The Thome Yorke-led supergroup Atoms For Peace played their secret show in Los Angeles last night and the coverage is just making it that more painful that we didn’t go. AFP tore through tracks off of their new album AMOK and Yorke’s previous solo effort, The Eraser. Via At Ease:

The encores included more b-sides including Radiohead’s Paperbag Writer, a solo and acoustic version of the unreleased The Present Tense (video below), originally not on the setlist, which you can see below. After about a minute in the song Thom yelled out to the audience: ‘Who the fuck is talking, Man?! Why did you turn up? Talk when I’m fucking done!’ The band closed the night with UNKLE’s Rabbit In Your Headlights (video below). This must be the first time the song was played live since 2002.

How ungrateful – we would’ve gladly taken that guy’s place!

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