Update: Check out the entire line-up here

Here’s a neat one! Instead of just waiting for a mundane .jpeg file to be uploaded to Bannaroo’s website, you can watch the line-up announced live via an hour-long telethon, er, excuse me, “megathon.” That’s not even the best part. Get this, Weird Al is going to make the announcement. Ok, honestly could’ve done without that last part, but it’s still a cool idea. Pre-show starts at 12PM EST with the line-up coming at 2PM EST. Via Spinner:

Fans can also get in on the act and be the first ones to announce an artist via social media. All you have to do is call 646-918-8070 starting at 1PM and you’ll be told one Bonnaroo act, which you’ll then post onFacebook and Twitter with the hashtag #BLAM.

Watch the action below.

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