Jon Brion, multi-instrumentalist composer genius and producer of albums from Fiona Apple and Robyn Hitchcock among others, had a gem of a television series pitch for VH1 back in the year 2000. Basically, a musical variety show with all the luminary creators that Brion knows, which would’ve been quite a lot. The ramshackle format and Brion’s folksy presentation probably worked against the pilot around the executive roundtable, but we think that would’ve been exactly the point. Oh, what could have been.

Even more fascinating, director Paul Thomas Anderson uncovered the tape on Thursday, posting it to his “Al Rose Promotions” YouTube page (Al Rose was a character in Anderson’s modern classic There Will Be Blood).

(If you want to cheat, Brion and Smith’s lovely cover of “I’m Just a Jealous Guy” is ~ 22:00, and their Big Star cover comes in ~ 31:00.)

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