Joni Mitchell doesn’t really do interviews, so you can understand the endorphin-overload we experienced when we came across this comprehensive two hour-long interview with one of our all-time favorite artists. Brace yourself; you’ll probably need to revisit the clip a few times to let it fully sink in. Via TwentyFourBit:

Joni Mitchell interviews are something to behold, and this new one with Canadian journalist Jian Ghomeshi delves even deeper than she’s gone in decades. Landing a Q&A with Joni is so rare, in fact, there’s little to compare it to — a career-spanning discussion from her home in Los Angeles, it covers her views on art in all forms, aging as an artist, the non-artistic quotient of Bob Dylan, and much more than I’d attempt to surmise from the freewheeling, near-2-hour talk.

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