Marc Kinchen is one of those producers you’ve heard without knowing it. Not to say that he’s not familiar to House music aficionados, but the large breadth of his remix catalog would surprise anyone. From Celine Dion and Bobby Brown to Jodeci and the B-52’s, Kinchen, or MK as he is known, is famous for his dub mixes. He is renowned for extrapolating the best parts of a song and transforming it into something new. Watch as Fact Mag goes into the studio with Kinchen to uncover his process. Via Fact Mag:

One of the modern producers most inspired by MK is Hot City’s DJ Haus. One of the biggest Kinchen experts we know, we put Haus in the studio with MK last week, with two aims: to come out with an MK remix of Haus’s ‘Needin U’, and to produce a video where MK shows FACT TV how he makes his remixes. For fans of Kinchen and garage, and budding producers in general, this should be an education and a half. Here’s part one.

And part two of three.

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