If you haven’t seen this already, here’s Glenn Danzig playing show and tell with his collection of evil books. Via Flavorwire:

“Welcome to my book collection,” smiles Misfits-founder and horror-punk legend Glenn Danzig, his shirtless frame dappled with what looks like roaming flashlight beams. That book collection is just as creepy as you’d expect — in the course of this bizarre little video, Danzig pulls out several of his favorite books, including The Werewolf by Montague Summers (werewolf stories “all documented, all true”), Occult Roots of Nazism (“every school child should have this book”), The Lost Books of the Bible, and of course, “various books on death, anthropology of evil, societies’ views of evil.”

Imagine what would happen if you told him you didn’t care about his books. Shirtless Danzig transforms into Mega-Insulted Danzig!

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