Torontonian PBR&B crooner Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye has released another video, this time for “Wicked Games,” which originally appeared on his breakout mixtape House of Baloons. The video uses a remastered version of the song, which will appear on his major label debut Trilogy, which drops next month. Via Exclaim:

The monochromatic clip, in which Tesfaye sings next to a writhing, semi-nude woman and her shadow, is below.

As previously reported, Trilogy arrives November 13. If you were curious about the new edition’s bonus content, it will come with the added tracks “Valerie,” “Twenty Eight” and “Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun),” as well as a music video for the Drake-assisted “The Zone.”

Jesus, The Weeknd has to be the saddest dude in human history. Come on, man. There’s a naked woman dancing next to you, can’t you cheer up a little?

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