The Humble Indie Bundle was a pay-what-you-want collection of independent video games. This is the Humble Music Bundle, or the Humble Mumble

What is Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle organizes awesome, pay-what-you-want sales for digital stuff. In the past, we’ve let people name their price and support charity to get groundbreaking video games, and now we’re giving you the same kind of offer for music!

As soon as you buy the Humble Music Bundle, you’ll receive a link to a unique page where you can download each of the featured albums in MP3 or FLAC format. While setting your price, you have the option to allocate part of your purchase to go to the Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, two fantastic non-profits. You can also give us a much-appreciated “Humble tip” for organizing this deal.

Here are the artists included:


OK Go’s Twelve Remixes of Four Songs is a collection of remixes of some of the best songs from 2010’s Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, along with studio versions of those tracks.

They Might Be Giants

Album Raises New and Troubling Questions is a rarities collection of songs recorded during the band’s sessions for their most recent full-length album, Join Us.

Jonathan Coulton

It’s hard to pick the 14 best songs from Jonathan Coulton’s catalog, because really they are ALL the best. But this collection has all the favorites you know plus a couple you probably don’t, including tracks from his latest album, Artificial Heart, and three brand new live tracks from his recent Artificial Heart tour. Which is his greatest hit? Only you can decide!

MC Frontalot

MC Frontalot, considered a godfather of nerdcore, has been delivering dope raps about nerd culture for more than a decade. He’s bringing his favorite cuts to the Humble Music Bundle in Favoritism, a tightly curated set of tracks from 2005 to the present. MC Frontalot has also authored a beefy set of never-before-seen liner notes exposing the raw meat behind each of his picks for the compilation.

Hitoshi Sakimoto

Rediscover your memories from the acclaimed Valkyria Chronicles series with this compilation featuring the best music from all 3 games. From composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy XII, Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics), experience the orchestrated melodies of the main themes, the adrenaline-pumping battle pieces and reminisce on the adventures from all the characters in Gallia.

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