We’re like scrubbing bubbles in that way. Andiamo!

Jessica Hopper on blondes:

It seems so long ago—certainly more than 52 weeks—since we were all a fluster at the audacity of Lana Del Rey.

Jeff Weiss on Kendrick Lamar:

During the hind years of the last decade, Lamar found his voice through apprenticeship, imitation, and all-night studio sessions. He first earned attention as the sidekick of Jay Rock, the blood-affiliated Watts rapper signed to Warner Bros. via TDE. With traditional West Coast gangsta rap firing off its last rounds, Rock had “next” reserved but never heard his name called. Before the WB pact, rumors spread that Rock and Lamar (then called K. Dot) were in talks with Def Jam/Roc-a-Fella. Lamar was even said to be landing ghostwriting gigs for superstars before he could legally drink (or not drink) Patrón.

Rob Harvilla on Future (who LITERALLY uses the word verily):

Have you heard this song, “Loveeeeeee Song”? Off the new Rihanna record. That’s “Loveeeeeee Song,” seven E’s. Great song. A languid, subaquatic heartbeat propping up a few blippy keyboard chords, like a suicidal coffeemaker seducing a Sega Genesis, with Rihanna in her vastly underrated “lugubrious pillow talk” mode: “When I love you close/You can feel my heart beating through my clothes” and so forth. It’s definitely her second most emotionally lucid performance of the year, after Battleship.

Well shit, that was easy!

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