Though they came a bit later, LA’s club kids definitely stoof up to their infamous NYC counterparts. The glitz and glamor of Hollywood mixing with the toxic green dreads and uncomfortable latex of the early ’90s rave scene made for a bizarre pop culture time capsule. But what happens when the music dies? What is there left for a club kid to do? Becoming a make-up artists seems like a pretty safe bet. Via LA Weekly:

Name: Travis Pates, aka Travisty

Age: 35

Back then: Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Travisty dropped a bunch of acid and rode a bus to California, where he took on a robotic style. Frequenting underground clubs like The Romper Room in full make-up, he met Kris K-os (below) and several other club kids on the Leeza Gibbons Show It was, of course, an episode on the new “club kids craze.” Back then it took months for him to build his costumes for parties, he says.

Present: Travisty is now Travis Alan Pates, a makeup artist. He has worked on Jane Lynch, Larry David, and other celebrities, and currently works on the CW show Hart of Dixie.

Wildest memory: After a party in Las Vegas 2002, he was carrying flame-throwing equipment — for a show — when a woman screamed “He has a bomb!” Someone threw a bottle at him, and a group of guys started beating him. So he took off his 14-inch platform shoes, covered in nails. “It was a fabulous weapon,” he says. Long story short: He walked away OK.

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