Wow. Boing Boing continues to impress with their more and more frequent looks at niche musical genres. This time it’s ‘hauntology,’ an artistic arsenal aimed at channeling the ever-accumulating detritus and gemstones of the past. The genre was named by longtime favorite big brain Mark Fisher, aka k-punk.

While not limited to music, the genre has everything to do with it – maybe these days more than ever. You can read up right here.

Coil’s music was always steeped with references, both explicit and hidden, to books, films, people and ideas that drew on similar pools of spectral pop culture.

Perhaps none better encapsulates this than ‘Going Up’ from their final album The Ape of Naples, finished after the death in 2004 of the group’s founder, John Balance. The song transforms the opening title theme of a wildly popular, camp 1970s British department store comedy, Are You Being Served, into a transcendent, ascendant afterlife hymn for elegantly-attired spirits everywhere.


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