The New Yorker caught up with songwriter Beth Orton, who is about to release her first record (Sugaring Season) since 2006. She’s been really busy. Read the full profile at The New Yorker.

Orton recorded “Sugaring Season” last winter in Portland, Oregon, where most of it was done in just a few takes: she’d been inspired by Roberta Flack’s album “First Take.” (Marc Ribot added some guitar in his apartment in Brooklyn, and some strings were added in Manhattan.) As it happens, “Sugaring Season” was worth her fans’ wait; it’s a collection that seems to draw even more deeply from nineteen-sixties British folk for songs that end up sounding both fresh and haunting, thanks partly to a collaboration with Tucker Martine (he has worked with “My Morning Jacket” and “the Decemberists”), and a driving band, punctuated by the excellent Brian Blade on drums.

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