There’s nothing like running from venue to venue, drinking and watching shows, to help you work up an appettite. Thankfully, Immaculate Infatuation has put together a list of places to fill your face, and organized them by venue. Via Immaculate Infatuation:

CMJ Music Marathon invades NYC this week, bringing with it every upstart musician in this country with a microphone and a pulse. How does one decide which band they’ve never heard of to check out? More importantly, where are you going to grub and get drinks before the show? We can help.

Below you’ll find some of the most popular CMJ music venues, suggestions on where to grab some food or drink near them, and our picks on which bands are worth seeing – some of which you’ll probably recognize from ourmonthly Spotify playlists.

Also, download our free, award winning iPhone App to help guide you. Search by your current location on a random street corner or by music venue and you’ll easily find something nearby.

The folks of at Cliktrips have also put together a little CMJ food guide.

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