New York Magazine:

For a while, it was hard to refute that Aaron Sorkin, a man who treats Internet-bashing like an Olympic sport, was pop culture’s reigning Luddite. His famous first foray into the blogosphere resulted in online name-calling and a classic West Wing episode (“You posted on a website??” an incredulous C.J. Cregg asks Josh Lyman). Just recently, he bragged that “the homepage on my web browser is Yahoo, which I’m told it shouldn’t be, but I’ve just been too lazy to change it.” And, most notably, he explained away The Social Network by assuring us that “fundamentally, you could tell the same story about the invention of a really good toaster.” But, just last week, Prince went H.A.M. to the Guardian about the “dog-eat-dog” world we know as the Internet — that scary place rife with proverbial “carjacking” and very real diminishing profit margins — and we realized Sorkin may finally have some competition. Both men clearly hate the Internet so much — but which one hates it the most? It’s a quote-off!

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