Everyone was so excited. MySpace’s new sleek, revamped layout was supposed to bring the music networking site back to its former glory, but it didn’t… They made one very simple, very fatal error. The real question is, can they recover? Via Hypebot:

“As I played with the new site, I noticed I wasn’t connected to any bands or friends. I realized that my old account was under a different email address, so I signed out and tried to sign in with my old address. That didn’t work, but then I saw the option to use my old MySpace account,” Mulligan continued. “I used my old email and password and then it became clear that while I was using my old credentials, it wasn’t really porting over my account. It was just letting me use the old login info…Then I saw the column on the right that prompted me to connect to certain artists. That was confusing to me. I’d been connected to them on MySpace before. Shouldn’t I still be connected to them?”

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