Wall Street Journal:

“Willie Nelson won’t have to sing his way out of pot possession charges after all…

Judge Becky Dean-Walker, however, told the Associated Press that Nelson can plead guilty via mail, without coming into court.

The judge reportedly said that the prosecutor was trying to be funny “and it got out of hand.”

New York Times:

“When Willie Nelson found himself in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service in the 1990s, it nearly cost him everything he had. But now that country-music outlaw may be able to escape more recent legal troubles for little more than a song.

Kit Bramblett, the county attorney for Hudspeth County in West Texas, where Mr. Nelson was arrested on a marijuana possession charge last year, has said he will allow Mr. Nelson to plead guilty to a misdemeanor count if he pays a small fine — and performs “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” in court…

Mr. Bramblett, who described himself as a Willie Nelson fan, said he was not sure when Mr. Nelson might return to Hudspeth County for his proposed performance, and he seemed a bit baffled by all the fuss surrounding what he considered a routine marijuana bust…”

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