Man, Diplo has got it all figured out. For now, anyway. How can I be down?! L.A. Weekly:

Recently, producer and Blackberry spokesmodel Diplo released his Express Yourself EP. He simultaneously ran a contest, encouraging female fans to, um “express” themselves in odd locations, preferably by popping their butts in public, as pictured above.

The hash tag #ExpressYourself was employed, the responses overwhelming. Grand prize winners received guest list for life privileges to any of Diplo’s shows, while others got some swag. We interviewed a bunch of them about issues pertaining to popping that ass and #ExpressingThemselves.

How coordinated and/or fit do you have to be to #ExpressYourself?
You definitely need some kind of upper body strength to support yourself while shaking your thang.

Looks like your #ExpressYourself pic could’ve gotten you arrested. Were you worried about #Express(ing)Yourself on a cop car? Were you prepared to get locked up in order to #ExpressYourself?
The only thing I was worried about was if it was crazy enough to win the contest. ... I’m such a diehard fan of Diplo and Major Lazer, I would’ve done anything in order to be able to go to their shows for FREE for LIFE. You just can’t beat that prize.

How would you suggest someone who is old or obese or sick #ExpressThemselves? Is it possible?
Weight is never an issue with dancing. ... Big girls especially can express themselves, they got more to shake! If old or sick people want to express themselves, they may need a partner to help them out.

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