Yep, that right there is a new track from British punk legends Wire, from their forthcoming record Change Becomes Us, their 13th LP since the release of Pink Flag way back in 1977. (They also probably coined the term “manscape.”)

Apparently, The Quietus is working with them on some extra-special things

While for most this will sound like an entirely new album, the Wire hardcore might like to try and spot elements that can be heard on that year’s Document & Eyewitness live LP, a bold two fingers to both punk reductivism and their major label home. Wire have used these scraps and blueprints, and the input of guitarist Matt Simms, now a full-time writing and recording member of the band, to make an album of new songs that’s a very fresh update of their smart intention to blur the lines between art and pop.

We’re also very pleased to announce that as part of our It’s Been Five Years anniversary celebrations, The Quietus will be working with Wire on a series of events called WIRE:DRILL, taking place at various venues across London in March 2013.

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