The fans, the fame, the flops, the fall-outs, the cash, the comebacks, the catastrophes . . . five boyband stars talk about the highs and lows of life in the spotlight:

Nicky Byrne, Westlife: Boybands have really changed in the last 10 years. It’s less about girls’ fantasies and getting your top off than about fans coming together, looking out for you, singing along.

Kevin Jonas, Jonas Brothers: My advice to boybands would to be to keep level-headed, but think about how you can branch out. Your fans will grow with you, but you’ve got to move with them, too.

Tony Mortimer, East 17: Enjoy the days when you’re starting out. They’re the best times: coming up, getting known, when it’s all still new. I can still feel that excitement in my legs when I was young – running home to work on an idea, to dream something up. I felt like a magician.

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